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5.6 million UK households continue to struggle with energy bills

Despite a fall in the price cap, National Energy Action (NEA) have released a warning that millions of households will still be in fuel poverty.

The energy regulator Ofgem announced that the level of the price cap from July to September will fall by £122 to £1,568 per year for a typical household.

While the drop over the summer period will be a relief to many, fuel poverty charity National Energy Action has new figures showing this will leave 5.6 million UK households in fuel poverty from July. This is a fall of 7% compared with now, but remains above pre-energy crisis levels.

National Energy Action Chief Executive Adam Scorer says: ‘Every fall in the price cap is good news. It should make life a little easier for everyone.

‘But for our clients, and for millions of households in fuel poverty, there remains a huge gap between current prices and affordable energy bills.

‘Over 2 million households owe over £3 billion of household energy debt. Millions will still be in negative budgets. Even more will be cut off from basic levels of heat and power.

‘Unfortunately, fuel poor households will not enjoy affordable energy through occasional small changes in the price cap.

‘Whoever wins the next election inherits the responsibility to build fuel poverty out of inefficient homes and build greater protection into the regulation of the energy market.’

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