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    A new affordable food hub offering customers weekly groceries at a fraction of high street prices has launched on the Byker Estate



    The UK Housing Review Autumn Briefing Paper builds on the key themes identified in the spring edition of the 2023 UK Housing Review



    Peabody has published its third environmental, social and governance (ESG) report, detailing its annual performance against 48 criteria



    In response to recent financial pressures, Birmingham City Council is considering selling its £2.4bn land and property portfolio



    The 4.9 million residential leases in England and Wales could face significant change if new legislation is announced as promised next month



    Affordable, scalable retrofit can be achieved in a way that gives financial power to communities and transforms them for the better



    It's crucial that landlords understand how tenants interact with their homes and whether that interaction is positive, neutral or negative



    Colleagues from Cross Keys Homes (CKH) and Mears Group have joined forces to plant shrubs, plants, and trees in and around Peterborough


    @CrossKeysHomes @mearsgroup

    Platform Housing Group recently hosted a Customer Voice Conference to bring together involved customers, colleagues and partners



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